Park So Dam Returns To The Screen After Recovering From Cancer, Expresses Her Feelings

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Actor Park So Dam expressed her feelings after returning from papillary thyroid cancer surgery.

On the morning of December 19th, a press conference for the movie “Ghost” was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Actors Seol Kyung Gu, Lee Honey, Park So Dam, Park Hae Soo, Seo Hyun Woo, and director Lee Hae Young attended and talked about the work.

Park So Dam expressed her feelings about returning to the screen after being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer last year and taking a break from activities. At the time, Park So Dam underwent surgery and stopped promotional activities for the movie, “Special Song” to recover.

Park So Dam said, “I got this work at a very difficult time. At that time, the director held my hand and gave me courage. I was worried because it was filmed during a difficult time mentally and physically, but I’m thankful to the director and seniors.”

She bowed her head, saying, “I’m sorry that I’ve caused many people to worry. I told my fans to be healthy in body and mind, but I’m really sorry that I couldn’t keep my promise. At this time last year, I was lying down without my voice coming out after surgery. The end of this year is really different. I’m happy to be able to greet you with a healthy image while opening “Ghost” in January next year. I feel like it’s another start.”

“Ghost” is a story that begins in 1933 when people suspected of being spies planted by an anti-Japanese organization in the Japanese Government-General of Korea, are locked up in a remote hotel. Suspects struggle to break through suspicion and escape, while the real spies build tension with an unstoppable operation.


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