Park Seo Joon Says He’s Not Doing Any Rom-Com Any Time Soon, Here Is Why

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Actor Park Seo Joon revealed the reason why he hasn’t been doing romantic comedies (romcoms) recently.

Park Seo Joon rose to fame through romcoms such as “Witch’s Love,” “She Was Pretty,” “Fight for My Way,” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” However, he has been consistently showcasing various genres instead of romcoms. As a result, fans who loved his romcoms are expressing their disappointment.

In a recent interview with Herald POP at a cafe, Park Seo Joon shared that he wants to bring about a genre change.

He said, “I have been giving a lot of greetings through romcoms, but I think I want to do works in other genres as well. Romcoms are all different, but I want to bring about a genre change and not miss out on that fun.”

He continued, “Since ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?’, I have been taking on this challenge, and it seems like I haven’t been choosing romcoms since then. I still like romcoms, but I think it’s a difficult genre, and I have a strong desire to try other things.”

Furthermore, Park Seo Joon mentioned his movie “Concrete Utopia” and the Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature,” which are both in different genres. He said, “I don’t know what will come next, but I think I will continue to choose interesting works.” He also mentioned that if he encounters a good romcom, he might consider doing it.

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon’s comeback film “Concrete Utopia” is a disaster drama that depicts the story of survivors gathering at the only remaining palace apartment in Seoul, which has turned into ruins due to a major earthquake. The film is currently being screened to great acclaim.

Would you like to see Park Seo Joon in a rom-com soon?

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