Park Hyung Sik And Jeon So Nee Are In Search Of The Truth In New Special Posters For “Our Blooming Youth”

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Two special posters containing the mysterious atmosphere of “Our Blooming Youth” have been released.

On February 27th, tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Blooming Youth” showed a special poster with a mysterious vibe.

In “Our Blooming Youth”, Joseon’s youth, including Lee Hwan (Park Hyung Sik) and Min Jae Yi (Jeon So Nee), slowly unravel the mystery, adding to the sense of immersion in each episode. While wondering what truth will be hidden at the end of fate, the special poster of young people who gather at the base and put their heads together and concentrate on reasoning arouses interest by foretelling their special collaboration.

In the poster released earlier, Lee Hwan and Min Jae Yi remain in a secret room where light leaks through, looking at books and sharing their thoughts. As there are still unresolved questions left, they plan to accelerate their pursuit to find the truth of the mystery.

The piles of books and papers around Lee Hwan and Min Jae Yi reveal their earnest commitment to the truth. Attention is focused on whether Lee Hwan and Min Jae Yi, who are again in the shadow of distrust, can save each other by catching the culprit of the curse and murder case, just like the phrase in the poster, ‘ must protect you, you must protect me.’

Another poster depicts six people gathering at Manyeondang, the laboratory of Kim Myeong Jin, the greatest eccentric in Joseon who explores all things in the world. Lee Hwan, Min Jae Yi, Jang Ga Ram, Han Seong On, and Choi Tae Gang all come together in one place.

The young people sitting around the desk with serious faces are laying out items presumed to be clues, such as the Gupo letter of the Kaesong murder case and an unidentified skeleton, and each is expressing their views. The phrase ‘Who to believe and who to doubt’ added to the heated discussion heightens the meaningful atmosphere. Indeed, it raises the question mark what will be the result that those who have extraordinary talents have found after intense discussions.

As such, “Our Blooming Youth” raises expectations for the next journey through the special poster containing the reasoning process of six characters who are looking for the truth of the mystery in their respective seats.

“Our Blooming Youth” is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 pm KST.


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