Lee Min Ki’s Naked Shower Scene In “Oh My Ladylord” Gets Backlash From Viewers + The Producers Respond

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Lee Min Ki’s Naked Shower Scene from his newly premiered drama “Oh My Ladylord” is getting negative attention.

MBC’s newly premiered drama “Oh My Ladylord” aired its first episodes this week, during one scene in the drama, Oh Joo In (played by Nana) finds Han Bi Soo (played by Lee Min Ki) in the bathroom of the new house she purchased, he was showering in the scene and his butt was covered with a peach emoticon. She opens the curtains and he’s standing there naked.

Some viewers expressed discomfort with the scene, some calling it unnecessary and uncomfortable to watch, others believe it minimizes sexual harassment.

As the issue grew a bit, many netizens took to the viewer bulletin board to express their thoughts on the scene.

In response to the backlash, a source from the production team for “Oh My Ladylord” stated,

“We will take reasonable measures to minimize the discomfort of the viewers.”

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