Lee Joon Gi And His Girlfriend Jeon Hye Bin Upcoming Projects This Summer

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Today is the comeback date of one the most anticipated kdramas of 2017 “Criminal Minds”.

Actor Lee Joon Gi is making his grand return to the small screen with his first present day role in four years.

It is easy and clear to all that we can hardly wait to see “Criminal Minds”. The drama has been heavily advertised by tvN across social media accounts such as youtube and twitter and facebook.

Unless you were living under a rock, you probably already know that 2017 hasn’t been so kind to tvN. The highly anticipated “bride of the water God” did okay and didn’t break records or garner so much attention as everyone was claiming it would do.

Many people were calling “bride of the water God” the next Goblin, that didn’t happen! And now tvN is basically running out of ideas or ways to get back to what it once was.

In 2016 tvN had a great run with so many good dramas that you can’t forget. But 2017 has been very mediocre to tvN.

tvN took on the challenge of adapting “Criminal Minds” into a Korean drama, this is an adaptation of the very popular USA series of the same title.

There are two directors working on this drama, and one of them directed Iris which was a successful drama of a similar vibe to “Criminal Minds”.

There is great pressure lying on the entire cast of the drama to do great. The cast of the drama is amazing and they’re all great respected actors or new very good actors. So unless the writer screws things up, this drama should and has to succeed.

I think Koreans are good at making criminally charged dramas, OCN has a long good track of great of psychological dramas. Lets see how well will tvN pull this off.

I am especially excited to see my oppa Lee Joon Gi wearing normal clothes, the guy has been doing historical dramas for the past 4 years… enough already!

I don’t like historical dramas in general and I love him and his acting, so I badly wanted to see him in a regular drama. “Criminal Minds” sounds just about right.

I am one of the many people who saw “Criminal Minds-USA” are a fan of it. How much will the writer adapt and how much will he change is still a question waiting for an answer.

Many fans have been praying that the writer avoid trying to make a love line in the drama because the original version didn’t have that.

I don’t know about a romantic relationship in such a heavy drama with some heavy subjects to discuss but we’ll have to wait and see.

I am expecting a lot of this drama and can’t wait to watch the full translated episode tomorrow.

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