Seohyun’s And Na In Woo’s “Jinxed At First” Ratings Drop To Its Lowest Yet Despite Stellar Start, Why?

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Seohyun’s and Na In Woo’s drama “Jinxed At First” ratings are dwindling.

The new highly-anticipated drama by the two stars was initially up to a promising start and recorded 3.9% which is considered a good start, it was even snagging the top spot among the dramas in its time slot. The week after its release, the drama even rose to its highest rating with 4.5%, it was projected to be a success story for KBS.

However, as time went by, the drama’s ratings began to decline.

According to Nielsen Korea, the most recent episode of “Jinxed At First” scored an average nationwide rating of 2.6%, this is about 0.1% decline from its episode the prior day but it marks the drama’s lowest ratings number thus far. This week’s ratings also mark the first time the drama’s rating dropped to the 2% range. With 6 more episodes to go, fans wonder what the drama’s rating might turn out to be.

But why did “Jinxed At First” ratings decline?

Over online communities, k-netizens have been discussing the reason behind its decline. Some say while the story started out nicely, the writing has gone downhill, many blame the writer’s script for the decline in the drama’s quality over time. Others believe the drama is good and deserves more success and but might be failing to score better due to the surprising sudden competition from the hit ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” The two dramas have an overlapping air time of 30 minutes with “Jinxed At First” airing 30 minutes later than “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” Some k-netizens believe this to be the reason behind the drama’s decline in ratings.

Are you currently watching “Jinxed At First”?

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