Han Ji Min, VIXX’s N And Ji Sung’s Upcoming Drama Sets A Premiere Date

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The highly anticipated upcoming drama “Wife That I Know” starring Han Ji Min and Ji Sung has finally set a premiere date, mark your calendars, it will air this upcoming August.

“Wife That I Know” tells the story of a husband (Ji Sung) who’s marriage to his wife (Han Ji Min) is at a rough patch, he works at a bank, he makes a choice that changes the lives of everyone around him.

The upcoming fantasy drama will air after “Why Secretary Kim?” finishes its run.

Jang Seung Jo, VIXX’ N, Lee Yoo Jin, and Kim So Ra round up the rest of the cast.

Who’s excited about the upcoming drama?

My Thoughts

Han Ji Min And Ji Sung are a dream pair. I love them both as actors and they also do a great job in each project they pick. I don’t know about Han Ji Min’s choices of dramas cause they’re not always great (remember Hyde Jekyll, Me?”) but Ji Sung always picks great projects.

His latest project in 2017 made a huge splash, I can’t wait to see what he has to offer. I am also excited to see VIXX’s N in another drama, he’s such a good idol-actor.

I am super excited!

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