Gong Yoo Shocks Fan By Revealing He Tried Hard To Avoid Getting Cast In The Hit Drama “Coffee Prince”

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Who would’ve thought that Gong Yoo could have actually not starred in the hit kdrama “Coffee Prince”?

Lee Dong Wook has recently blessed us fans by announcing Gong Yoo as first his guest for his new talk show “Because I Want To Talk.” Gong Yoo is the first guest of the show, he opened up about many things during the show and its been a delight for fans to see, he also shocked fans by revealing that he almost didn’t take the role of the leading man in the hit drama “Coffee Prince.”

“Coffee Prince” is known for being one of the best 2000s kdramas ever made, many people became fans of kdramas because of it, the drama aired in 2007 and skyrocketed all of his cast to instant fame, the drama was a huge hit in South Korea and a huge hit worldwide as well.

It was also a big turning point for Gong Yoo because he gained hallyu status because of it; however, he revealed that he actually tried hard not to get cast for the role and the reason behind… he was unsure if it’s the right path for him.

He said,

“I was introduced to the drama at a time when I was skeptical as an actor.

To be honest, I tried my very best not to get cast in the drama.

The drama itself is good and very fun, but I was turning 30 around that time and was about to enlist soon. I so naturally went over the realistic dilemma you have around that age.

I wanted to become an actor who had his signature color. I wondered whether I was wasting my time. Thoughts like that tortured me a lot during that time.”

However, Gong Yoo looks back at the project fondly and remembers it as one of his special projects in his career, he’s also very thankful that he got the chance to play the role, it had allowed him to come this far.

“It was a project that ignited my passion for acting again.”

Fans are also glad that Gong Yoo starred in that movie, he’s come so far since then, we’re glad he stuck around; he’s a great actor indeed.

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By Hilda Moore

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