Famous Korean Actress Ki Eun Se Files For Divorce From Husband Of 11 Years

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Ki Eun Se (real name Byun Yoo-mi, 40) has divorced after 11 years of marriage.

On the 22nd of September, Ki Eun Se announced through her agency Sublime, “I have ended my marriage with my long-time partner, who has supported each other and wished each other the best for the future.”

Earlier that day, SBS Entertainment News reported that Ki Eun Se had conflicts and decided to divorce due to personality differences with the Korean-American entrepreneur she married in 2012.

Meanwhile, Ki Eun Se debuted in 2006 with KBS 2TV’s “Invisible Man, Choi Jang-su.” Afterwards, she married a Korean-American entrepreneur 12 years older than her in 2012 and became an influencer, sharing a luxurious lifestyle. She does not have any children.

▲ Below is the official statement from Ki Eun Se

Hello, this is Ki Eun Se.  First of all, I am feeling heavy-hearted to announce personal news that is not exactly pleasant.
I have ended my marriage with my long-time partner, wishing each other the best for the future.
I know many people will be concerned, but I hope for their support and wish for a better future.
I will continue to strive to greet you with good works and activities.
Please take care of your health during the changing seasons, and as always, thank you.

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