Comedian Lee Kyung Sil Under Fire For Sexually Harassing Actor Lee Je Hoon On A Live Radio Broadcast +Gets Reported To Police

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Comedian Lee Kyung Sil has been criticized online after making sexual remarks about Lee Je Hoon on the SBS radio show.

On February 17, SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show featured Lee Je Hoon and Pyo Ye Jin, who worked together in “Taxi Driver 2.” Lee Kyung Sil participated as a special DJ on the day.

On this day, Lee Kyung Sil took a look at the still cut of the drama in which Lee Je Hoon is topless and said, “Do you see the gap between his chests? If you drop water on it and drink it, that will be holy water. It is a water purifier from his adam’s apple and provides mineral water if you drink it.”

The remarks were not seen as inappropriate during the show, but some listeners who heard the broadcast said the comments made by the comedian were uncomfortable, claiming it was sexual harassment.

On February 20, an official from the ‘Cultwo Show’ told a TV report, “While listening to the real-time broadcast, we thought, ‘This remark is not in line with the current era.’ After the real-time broadcast, the video was released directly through the online channel where we first edited Lee Kyung Sil’s remarks. We did not hear anything like ‘it is uncomfortable’ from actor Lee Je Hoon’s side. However, we deleted the remarks and videos to avoid risk factors. I think we’ve done everything we can.”

On February 19, SBS deleted the visible radio video of the “Cultwo Show” from the channel “SBS Raio radio” uploaded on February 17. The radio re-listening, which usually gets released one or two days after the real-time broadcast, was not released only for this broadcast.

On February 20, it was reported that Lee Kyung Sil was accused of sexually harassing Lee Je Hoon through his remarks. Maeil Business reported on February 19 that A, a student at Yonsei University, filed a complaint to the police against Lee Kyung Sil on charges of obscene use of telecommunications media.

According to reports, A said in the complaint, “If a male MC makes a statement to the same effect against a female guest, the male MC will be labeled a sex offender for life. Given the social perception that gender equality is emphasized, there is no reason to hear sexual words and actions from others online.”

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  1. Ese estudiante universitario tiene mucho tiempo parece. Quien es él para denunciar x acoso? En todo caso lo debería haberlo hecho el actor. De todas maneras es que ven acoso en todas partes.

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