Chae Jong Hyeop, Seo Eun Soo And Park Sung Woong Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Comedy Thriller Drama

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Chae Jong Hyeop, Seo Eun Soo, and Park Sung Woong have been confirmed to star in an upcoming comedy thriller drama based on a webtoon.

The ENA Wednesday-Thursday drama “Unlock the Boss” depicts the story of a hybrid collaboration between a boss trapped in a smartphone after being caught up in a suspicious incident and a “job seeker” whose life has changed.

“Unlock the Boss” is based on a webtoon of the same name. It was greatly loved at the time of its serialization because of its unique storyline and dynamic development across comedy and thriller. On top of that, director Lee Cheol Ha, who directed the movies such as “Insane” and “Okay Madam,” and writer Kim Hyung Min, who co-wrote Netflix’s “Sweet Home,” will join hands for the drama.

The casting is also refreshing. Chae Jong Hyeop, Seo Eun Soo, and Park Sung Woong will come together for this work.

Chae Jong Hyeop plays the role of Park In Sung, a job seeker whose life has changed after picking up a smartphone in which the president is trapped. Park In Sung, who was born into a poor family and only learned “useless” acting as his major, worked hard, but he still remained a young man who has achieved nothing. Chae Jong Hyeop will transform into Park In Sung, who under the order of the president trapped in the smartphone, infiltrates the president’s office and tracks the truth, actively plays a decomposition play, and performs a once-in-a-lifetime method acting.

Chae Jong Hyeop said, “There is pressure in playing Park In Sung’s dynamic life of becoming a CEO overnight from a mere job seeker, but I am grateful and honored to be able to work with many senior actors through this work. I’m filming hard with a grateful heart since I got the chance to play the character Park In Sung. I’ll come back with a good look, so please pay a lot of attention and look forward to the drama.”

Seo Eun Soo will take on the role of an AI-like secretary Jung Se Yeon who is better than any AI. Jung Se Yeon, a young woman who cannot afford to dream, is the strongest ally of Park In Sung but has an unexpected charm as she can also turn into a fatal enemy. She acts indifferently toward others, but she becomes entangled with Park In Sung, a strange man, and her life takes a turn.

Seo Eun Soo, who will portray a new character through this work, expressed, “I was fascinated by the storyline of a person getting trapped in a smartphone. We are doing our best to make good work, so please look forward to it and show a lot of interest.”

Park Sung Woong plays the role of Kim Sun Joo, president of “Silver Linings,” an emerging IT company who has been trapped in a smartphone due to a suspicious incident. Kim Sun Joo, a world-class developer who makes imagination a reality, is a man with everything but a good personality. Kim Sun Joo, who opens his eyes after being chased by someone and comes to know he’s trapped in a smartphone, is a person who must find out the truth in order to return to his only daughter. Attention is focused on how Park Sung Woong will play Kim Sun Joo, a cool-headed competitor who is unable to make a move since he’s trapped in a smartphone.

Park Sung Woong said, “It is a comical yet mysterious and complex work. We are having fun filming, so please look forward to it to the viewers.”

“Unlock the Bos” will premiere on Wednesday, November 30 at 9 p.m on ENA.

Are you excited to see Chae Jong Hyeop, Seo Eun Soo, and Park Sung Woong together in this drama?

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