“Arthdal Chronicles” Third And Final Part FINALLY Confirms Air Date

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“Arthdal Chronicles” is an unusual drama indeed and one of the things that made it extra special is the splitting into three parts.

Part 1 and 2 aired back to back while part 3 hasn’t aired yet.

Each part has 6 episodes and the last episode of part 2 aired last week. There were speculations about the premiere date of the highly anticipated part 3 and tvN has finally confirmed the air date.

Part 3 titled “Arth, the Prelude to All Legends” will air on September 7. “Hotel Del Luna” is currently airing  in the drama time slot; it aired its first episode today.

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How do you feel about the announcement? Are you excited?

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By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. Arthdal chronicles, has indeed been what I’ve been searching for ever since I started my journey. (kdrama journey LOL) the level of fantasy is out of this world and puts many other fantasy dramas to sleep… The realness and rawness and ahhhhh I love it. I would have loved more romance or action with ragaz involved tho ( my heart omggggggg)

  2. Yes.. Very excited to know the next episode.. I wonder what will happen to eunsom, saya and tanya if they discover that they are twins.. And do many revelations to come in season 3

    1. Mostly korean viewers are fond of romantic drama they really not ready yet for diff genre like arthdal. Just like what happen to scarlet heart ryo. In korea it did not got high rating but international fans love the story so much even it is a tragic story. Koreans and international fans has a diff taste in choosing kdrama story.

    2. oh my GOD :O your comment was a spolier for me !!!
      i dint know that tanya was also their twin sister … i thought eunsoum & tanya love eacth other like a couple …

  3. Honestly, I really love this drama. Season 2 moved a bit slow, and I do wish that they had more action in it, but it is interesting. I always seemed to keep an eye on how many more minutes were left in the episodes because I didn’t want it to end.

  4. Idk how will season 3 go… but I already know I will want season 4. It’s just sad, because I think we all know it won’t happen cause kdrama fans don’t really like it. I understand that it is not “the typical romantic kdrama” but that’s exactly why I love it. It’s something new 🙁

  5. I wish they make a fourth season too. I am not ready to say goodbye to this amazing show. Its the best Kdrama ever(I have been following kdrams since 2008). It really deserve more episodes. I can’t get enough of it honestly.

  6. I’m waiting eagerly for this great drama…Characterization is beyond words they all put themselves in the drama… Now I hate Koreans to not love this show…

  7. Even though it’s not completed yet, I’ve watched it more than 1o times. It’s a mental torture for me to wait for it. I want to see eunseom and Saya confront each other, but I’m on eunseom’s side. I really really am waiting for the last part.

    1. Its a wonderful story because its something I can relate to at different seasons in my life.I have watched season 1&2 twice.I’m really excited about season 3.

  8. When will be the release of the next episode? I’ve already watched all 18 episodes… And I can’t wait! So excited to know who will win the war, the east or the south. Aaahhhhh! Please release the next episode fast!!

    1. I hope there’s another season, but on the main website it says there are only 18 episodes. I’m so confused because I don’t know if this was the last episode or if the drama will continue.

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