“Arthdal Chronicles” Reaches Its Lowest Ratings To Date Ahead Of Season 1 Finale

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The high budget tvN drama “Arthdal Chronicles” is struggling to hold down an audience.

According to Nielsen Korea, Episode 5 (which aired on June 15) recorded an average of 5.78% nationwide and an average of 5.95% in Seoul area. This is a sharp drop from its 4th episode which scored 7.7%, it’s a 2% decrease.

“Arthdal Chronicles” has failed to live up to the expectations of netizens. The underwhelming CGI and the confusing plotline are some of the reasons netizens were disappointed with the drama.

Episode 6, the last episode of season one, will air tonight. Starting next week, season two will start airing with episode 7 as its first episode.

What do you think of the drama?

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Ratings source: Nielsen Korea

My Personal Thoughts

Ouch! This is bad!!!

The drama has been receiving mixed reviews since it started airing. Its one of a kind drama but still, I had thought it would blow up. This is unexpected.

I know the director of this drama is probably pretty upset right now. With a budget of more than $40 million, I expected more. I honestly don’t see how this is a $40 million project [as of yet].

I will do a review of season one, but in short, I found it kinda boring, especially episode 4, its too slow for my taste. The CGI also takes you out of the mood because it’s so bad for the budget it was given.

For such a large project, they should’ve taken their time which they apparently didn’t. They filmed season 1, 2 and 3 all at the same time. The issue now is that the ratings are not doing as well as anyone had expected.

I do understand why they’d wanna film it all at once; it could be because of actors’ hectic schedules and many other reasons. But for such a large production they should’ve taken the route of “Kingdom” (the zombie apocalypse historical kdrama), they filmed season 1 and fans loved, they’re now filming season 2 and it’ll air in 2020 I believe.

I believe kdrama fans would’ve probably already given up if there wasn’t Song Joong Ki or Kim Ji Won.

These two actors have a large international fanbase, fans would watch anything with them. I also believe that the ratings are not worse because of the stellar cast; some people are still hanging on because of the cast.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


    1. I sure understand why the plot was confusing. The CGI isn’t too perfect either. But as long as you catch up in the drama you should be able to get what’s happening the whole plot would seem a lot more understanding if you try to look beyond than what meets the eye. And yes, actors were exceptionally great, foremost the reason why viewers was watching Arthdal Chronicles in the first place. For me, I never liked history-based dramas. But this drama had me wrong. It was completely differnt than just a mere history drama. It was more than that. Yes, fantasy was added which made it a lot more interesting, and we see evolution for the time being. Sufferings, grief, politics, everything was combined in this drama, and I highly praise it.

  1. For other who find it hard watching kdrama they will really say that some episode are boring because the scenes are focus on talking so if the audience can’t understand korean they will really find it boring because they will read the whole time. But as a kdrama addict like me and the story is new to me Iam looking for the new episode weekly and I find it so exciting and worth the wait.

  2. I actually like the story. The CGI on the 1st and 2nd episode is nice. The actors are great. I don’t find it boring and confusing at all. I love this drama. I can’t wait for the weekend to come.

    1. True…it is worth the wait. I love the drama very much. It is very interesting and breathtaking, waiting eagerly for the coming episodes. The cast is great

    1. I love this drama, I could see how the plot is confusing if you’re not actively putting together the pieces as you watch it. Honestly I live these kinds of shows and I’m really excited to see what is going to happen with this one. It isn’t your typical kdrama and as an international fan I really love this.

  3. I think SHK is miscast here, he does not have the r the gravitas and physical presence to be in this dual roles. Unlike the guy that played Tagon. All aside I’m still enjoying it and looking forward for more.

  4. I don’t care what people say, I absolutely love it. According to my Korean friends though, this is a drama better suited for international fans. It’s not the type a lot of Koreans would like. Also, in regards to the cgi, for a Korean drama it’s pretty good. I have watched a lot of Asian dramas, and i’ve seen some really bad cgi, this is not one of them. You can’t hold it to the standard of American shows, or movies, you need to hold it the standards of regular Korean dramas. You can tell how much money went into this one compared to others, and the scenery throughout is beautiful. There’s a lot I would maybe change plot wise, but it’s not confusing. It’s pretty easy to follow. I’m not sure what people are getting confused about. It’s just slow paced.

  5. I love this Arthdal Chronicles. Since I didnt watched the Games of Thrones so no comparison. And I don’t care. I love the story specially the next episode is thrilling Eunseom have a twin. Hope it will not end soon just because others don’t appreciate it. Keep it up.

  6. This series is the lousiest kdrama I’ve seen so far and falls way below my expectations. Each scene is somehow a borrowed concept from many other films or tv shows such as Game of Thrones, Apocalypto, Last of the Mohicans, 300, and even Oedipus the King. A hodge-podge of so many plotlines that leaves the audience confused and uninterested. This is a sure looser of a series that has no originality and creativity. The audience is so much smarter to take this trash.

    1. Sorry but not sorry. I believe you are entitled to your opinion but just so you know I did not like any of the other movies and dramas that you have mentioned. GOT was interesting at first but fell out later in my opinion cz of too many things going on and way too many characters. But in contrast arthdal chronicles was way better and something you shouldn’t do while watching a korean drama is not compare it with international and western dramas. Just as we say there is more to a person than their first impression, same goes for this drama. So do not call it trash.

  7. I do have to admit that i had to stay really focused so I wouldn’t miss a single word of dialogue, because the plot is very deep. However, I see this as a positive thing! I absolutely love this drama. I do like my light and airy plots and my occasional extra cheesy drama, but I also crave good writing, directing and serious plots. I desperately wait for the weekend to get here, not so i can go out with friends but rather so I can stay in and enjoy this brilliantly done series. Also, I am a fan of the cast but even if the actors were not known I’d still be watching!

  8. I personally think that the drama is not awfully bad. The plot isn’t either. The plot was actually very interesting for me, let alone the plot twists in every episode had me have goosebumps. Yes, it may be confusing for some people but it depends. The scripts was well-written and I don’t see any flaws in this drama (well for me, aside from the dimness of the screen). As long as you catch up in what was happening in the drama then you should be good. I don’t think viewers realize this yet. They should take time to understand what was slowly happening in the drama. We shouldn’t just criticize the drama just because we, the viewers don’t get it. The drama tend to slowly lure us in and let us do the calculating of what was happening. I hope viewers don’t highly criticize this drama because it was a totally nice one.

  9. The plot is so boring. And a lot of loop holes. It seems that they did not prepared well for each episode especially ep. 4-6 . I lost my interest.

  10. The story needs to be understand by the viewers. As a viewer u need to be patient. It is too deep to understand the plot right away. But as the series goes on i find it interesting and exciting. Even the plot is confusing but the actors are excellent on there acting. U can see to them the effort and hardwork to give us an excellent drama. Goodluck asadal team

  11. This drama is soo damn good! Ya’ll have some low standards then. I would watch this over n over again versus watching descendants of the sun. Song Joong Ki is one of the best actors in my opinion. I firgured out the plotline in the 3rd episode. It’s not confusing if you just follow along. Smh.

  12. this drama is the best so far i’m not sure about the ending though.its intriguing and its so different from the typical korean drama settings,I think it will be famous internationally.its historical has fantasy and even through that you can feel the emotions from the actors. for one thing its not too long like normal historical dramas so people won’t lose interest.Just hoping for a good ending.supporting this drama to the end

  13. I think the problem is.. they’re combining technique used in old long historical drama which kinda draging the storyline… It’s good in long episodes drama but becoming bad if used in short episodes drama. Since short episode = fast, packed… In long episodes drama this kinda of revelation will takes more episodes so there will be longer filler in between so we can get more rests after each conversations.. in here alljust packed.. and honestly getting repetitive and tiring instead..

    Also they do not had enough back sound for each scene imo…

  14. It’s not confusing at all. I loved historical korean dramas and definitely this one is good with the plots, special effects and a bit of fantasy added in it. Looking forward for the coming episodes.

  15. I am in a positive view of this drama though others has a lot of neg-complements on this.. But this kdrama are really awesome, and indeed all characters are played it well..

  16. Wtf i cannot believe people find this drama not good.. i am entirely hooke to it and i find it exciting to watch.. i am very much looking forward for the season 2

  17. I concur with the writer’s sentiments. In such a dram we anticipate action, fast-moving scenes. However, like the writer opinionated above the episode was kind of slow. For a moment I felt bored but I had to stick around for Kim ji won and song Joong ki to work their magic. I will continue watching it because of them but it better pick up. I agree Kingdom was the best. Remember the zombie who was locked up with a human and due to his many movements the human was at a point of giving in? (shit I’m tired, he said) I still wonder if he decided to be eaten. Anyway, with Arthdal it is a good drama. But it doesn’t help that they make Eunseom that average. The drama should also focus on the action and the abilities of the heavenly objects more than the politics which I feel is kind of one the reasons season 4 had a drop.

  18. The problem about bloggers,movie critics and some fans is that they expect a movie to be sooooooo glorious and overawesome such that they fail to see something different when they movie takes a turn.
    I must say this is something different from all sweetheart dramas we have been watching and anyone with the mind of literature can understand the unravelling plots and scenes.i will suggest curious k drama fans to start reading and understanding the concept of drama before judging
    I think everyone in the movie is portraying at their best and we on the otherside of the asian world are loving this. This blew my mind …i love the way it keeps ne wondering and thinking to find the clue to the mysteries

    1. I agree with this one. I find it compelling to have seen a different genre with heavenly elements and a reality-based politics which can drag society down. It might be true that it became dragging for some scenes in episodes 4 and five but that is not because of its content. it is more of the cinematography and not because of the plot line. I am looking forward to having more critical thinking as I unravel the mysteries surrounding arthdal.

  19. I was so happy that this drama gonna continue and complete this year. It was very good and got me hooked instantly. Kinda disappointing when the rating is not as expected. I hope they will not get demotivated and cancel the series or something.

  20. You need to start showing and casting those spells and introduce the battle of the 8 gods. I think the reason why people are confused is because the entire history of arthdal is yet to uncover.

  21. I am one of Joong Ki biggest fans but frankly it saddens me that this drama failed bigtime. I watch a lot dramas Japanese Thai and mostly anything just to appreciate them. But I really struggle to keep up with this drama. I slept halfway many times and I could not my eyes open coz it was so confusing. I tried to force myself but it just did not work. It is so badly done. The story appeals me but the job is so sloppy. I am sorry. I am not a professional critic but just one of those many kdrama fans out there. This is beyond saving and it needs a miracle tonturn it around.

  22. Are you kidding me I freaking LOVE the drama!!! I watch the episodes too soon I am left suffering from the effects of a cliffhanger. CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODES TO AIR! ☺️ To all those who had negative thoughts on the drama or the Budget or wtv it is you say, daaaamn you’re missing out big time

    1. Are you even serious? This show was really amazing, and to those people that said they found it boring, this is the type of show that makes you think and connect all of the dots from the start of the show to the end. Well, if you’re not up to it, then i feel sad for you hahaha

  23. What a fresh new take of Kdrama!! seriously amazing series all around from acting, story and its surprising plots along the way combined with awesome CGI (so much better than other usual Kdrama). so hooked and cant wait to see the next episode!!

  24. I personally love this drama.. The plot is not easily comprehensible but thats the reason why I like it.. Its unlike the usual korean drama plot. Perserver and you will love this drama too.

  25. I love this show and hate that I have wait so long for the next show. I love that we get two per week tho! I love the story lines, the characters and the scenery! I need en sum to get away from being a slave! I can wait until the two brothers meet each other!

  26. The drama is SO good ! I loved it and it’s the only drama I read that had such an interesting story as of the hook and I m totally into it and I love everything about it. Knetizens have no taste I’m sorry.

  27. I love this series . Hoping you will be release this month for Season 2 in Netflix …. I love ilove 100000000 Star I rated this series… Thank you for the Director of this very realistic and best pictures I love. ilove

  28. This is the best series Ive seen yet. Great plot, very intelligent. I dont know why other people think otherwise. It’s great. Ang Joong Ki’s acting, is superb. I’ve watched game of thrones and was a fan, and this one’s even better.

  29. This drama is Super good !!!! Don’t listen to the critics but listen to your heart when you watch .
    The plot and the great acting from the cast is highly commendable . For those who have not tried ,
    Don’t give this a miss ! Definitely a very different Korean drama . I love the foreign language spoken by the
    Blue blood tribe . Wonderful to listen to Koreans speaking it. It brings you to a different realm.

  30. The English subtitles are not done well. It did not bring out the essence of the scripts. I am bilingual. The Chinese subtitles are much better. If Netflix wants international audience, they need to get good English sub team. This is not the only show I notice about this flaw.

  31. I absolutely disagree with the writers sentiments. The Arthdal Chronicle series is engaging from the get go and in my opinion is unlike any other Asian series out there to date! And I am sure that many AD (Asian drama) fan’s would agree that this is a fresh take, something different!!! Episode one is the scene setter!!! It always is!!! I‘m not sure how scene one is slow! ??? Maybe the blogger or critic was in slow mode when this piece was written because it is anything but slow!!!!!! The Wahan people as a nation are important key figures in this drama and their way of life is important to understand as you watch the series…. The manner in which the plot is conveyed is pure genius!! The Politics, spiritual/heavenly elements, character make-up, plot and scenes gel perfectly. There are many parallels one may distinguish between this storyline (past) and the present. There are so many directions in which this series could sway! There are a few different characters who could turn villain for various reasons, therefore making the series unpredictable. Each character from the smallest or weakest link to the strong and powerful are fitting. We currently have 18 episodes for viewing to date here in Australia down under and I have a serious appetite for more!!!! I am engaged and eagerly await with anticipation to learn where the storyline will lead us!!! I hope the producers, writers do not rush writing and producing the rest of the series and allow time to let the story unfold regardless of how many episodes it will take to tell the story. This storyline is too GOOD to rush!!!!
    Song Joong-ki, your performance is superb!!! Absolutely outstanding!!! Eunseom/Saya ( Ingutu – mixed blood) … Pure Genius!!!! You nailed it!! Too play two completely different characters is superb!!! As much as I’d love to see more of the Neanthal people, I understand why they’re presence in the drama is infrequent and sporadic. In-fact, I don’t think I’ve seen so many drop dead gorgeous Asian in one series before!! Asian Cinematography is the bestest by far! This series should win a Grammy!!! In-fact, all the actors deserve a Grammy!! There are series and movies that are worthy of revisiting time and time again and this is series is one of them!!!!

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