Korean Actress Is Getting Sued By Ex-Lover Who She Had An Affair With And The Story Just Got Crazier

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An unknown married Korean Actress is getting sued by her ex-lover for about $81,100, here is why!

According to newly published reports on September 13, news outlets said this known actress in her 50s is getting sued by a man whom she had an affair with. The man, who was also married at the time, got divorce after being encouraged by her. However, despite allegedly promising she’ll also divorce her husband, she didn’t.

The two allegedly met at a golf club and had a relationship for two years.

The man says he was providing financial support for the actress due to the promise of marriage, he alleges that he even bought her a car, sent her money to support her kids’ education, and more. However, she didn’t get a divorce and ultimately broke up with him.

The man is also reportedly pressing criminal charges against the actress alleging she demanding he drops the original civil lawsuit after drawing a weapon at him.

But the story just got crazier. The man in question said in a recent telephone interview that he will hold a press conference to spill the details and solve the ‘injustice’ he feels. He also says he’s asking for her to return the money he gave her but alleges he ‘still loves her and hope she doesn’t get hurt.’

The identity of the actress has not yet been revealed but it is said she’s still active in the industry appearing in various dramas and movies.

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