Kwak Dong Yeon Shares How He Feels About Taking On His First Lead Role In New Drama “Gaus Electronics” And More At The Press Conference

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Actor Kwak Dong Yeon expressed his feelings about taking on his first lead role and more in the press conference of his new drama “Gaus Electronics.”

On September 30, the press conference of the original Olleh TV drama “Gaus Electronics” was held online. Director Park Joon Soo, actors Kwak Dong Yeon, Ko Sung Hee, Bae Hyun Sung and Kang Min Ah attended the press conference to talk about various stories while filming the drama.

On this day, Kwak Dong Yeon shared his thoughts about the drama,

“Our work itself has seniors who are so prominent in the office genre dramas.”

He then commented on taking on his first role as the lead of the drama explaining what kind of experience it was for him,

“As the seniors were always with me, I had more fun than feeling pressurized since I was leaning on them and focusing on having fun with them, rather than thinking that I should lead the drama and be in-charge.”

Kwak Dong Yeon elaborated about his character “Lee Sang Sik” in the drama while oozing with confidence, saying,

“Lee Sang Sik is a person who only does things his own way. He is not a person who accepts other people’s feelings and understands them quickly. So if you look at him, you’ll think, ‘I want to live my life with my own way like him.’ Nevertheless, you will be addicted to his loveliness.”

“Gaus Electronics” is based on a real-life webtoon about office workers who laugh and sympathize with a little eccentric people against the backdrop of “Marketing Division 3,” a waiting agency in Gauss Electronics, a multinational tentacle company.

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