fromis_9 Jisun Under Fire For Snapping Her Fingers At Her Manager To Get His Attention

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fromis_9 Jisun has come under fire for her recent actions.

Relatively old footage has recently gone viral on SNS, it shows fromis_9 Jisun snapping her fingers at someone and pointing as if she’s asking for something.

The video appears to be from a baseball game where the members attended and threw the first pitch. Jisun is facing criticism as many netizens believe the gesture is rude and uncalled for.

Generally speaking, its frowned upon and considered rude to snap fingers at someone to get their attention in many societies around the world. Netizens pointed out how her manager was older than her but she still did the gesture in front of so many people. Others have defended her saying she might have needed his attention but couldn’t get it otherwise.

Do you think it was rude of her?

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  1. she can snap her fingers anytime to get my attention!! anyway, this was probably just a sign of their close and affectionate relationship. Carry on snapping Jisun :).

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