Less Than A Year After His Controversy, Kim Jung Hyun Confirmed To Be Returning To Acting With This Project


Kim Jung Hyun is coming back!

On January 28, his agency, Story J Company, confirmed via a statement that the actor has confirmed his casting in the independent film ‘Se²cret.’

“Se²cret” (literal translation) tells the story of a group of people who confront secrets about their past while investigating a mysterious murder. Kim Jung Hyun is taking on the role of a police detective.

The news was a bit of a surprise to fans but many were happy to see him coming back. This marks his return to acting since his 10-month hiatus following the massive controversy he’s been in with his former girlfriend actress Seo Ye Ji and his behavior on the set of the 2018 drama “Time.”

He ended up apologizing via a handwritten letter and in September of 2021, he signed with a new agency called Story J Company which houses many stars including Seo In Guk, Kim Tae Hee, and more.

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3 thoughts on “Less Than A Year After His Controversy, Kim Jung Hyun Confirmed To Be Returning To Acting With This Project”

    • Is this the actor that was bullied by his gf so he totally refused skinship with his costar. I don’t think it was cowardly and I am sure there was an argument between him and the girl friend, but it was a movie and she should have understood and if their love was as strong as he thought and acted gf shouldn’t have acted that way. Displeasure is aimed at wrong person. Changing entertainment companies is a wise choice.

  1. He was a complete coward that let all the blame to shift to his ex girlfriend to be crucified instead of him.
    Letting himself be portrayed as a victim of a relationship instead of the one of him being a mean guy towards his co-star.
    Hey just wait for the public opinion to calm down, just for him to come out and give a bs apology that at the end it wasn’t even one


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