IVE’s Wonyoung’s Knees Bleed During Performance, Fans Demand Better Safety Management


IVE’s Wonyoung has been recently injured during a performance.

On January 15, the “Welcome Kpop Click” concert was held to celebrate the launch of the new platform Kpop Click. Many idols performed at the event including MONSTA X, IVE, CRAVITY and more.

IVE performed their title debut song and covered a Fifth Harmony’s song, fans noticed that Wonyoung’s knee was bleeding, the accident reportedly happened during their cover performance.

Since the members knees touched the floor during the performance, fans believe its the reason why Wonyoung’s knees were injured. Wonyoung noticed it a bit later but was able to wrap up the performance well. She was noticed with blood on her hands when leaving the event.


Its been reported that the injury was merely a scrape on her knees, despite that, fans are upset with the event organizers for not providing better safety measurements on stage for the idols.

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Get well soon, Wonyoung!

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