IVE’s Greeting Comes Under Fire For Resembling EVERGLOW’s Greeting, Starship Apologizes + To Change It

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Rookie girl group IVE has recently been under fire for their greetings, but why?

On December 1, Starship Entertainment’s new girl group IVE made their debut. At the debut showcases, the members made a hand gesture which is considered their official greeting. Soon after, fans of the girl group EVERGLOW pointed out that the greeting is very similar to their group.

With Starship not addressing the situation as soon as it happened, many fans became critical of the team behind IVE and fans began to accuse the team of doing no research and ‘stealing’ another group’s greeting.

On December 3, Starship issued a response to the backlash. They apologized for failing to recognize the similarities between the greeting and stated they will be modifying it.

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