BTS RM Calls This The Worst Day Of 2021 After He Accidentally Deletes A Year Worth Of Audio Files

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BTS RM has shared his struggles with fans on November 11 and they have been trying to help out.

On November 11, RM shared that he has accidentally deleted audio files he’s been working on for over a year because he used a cleaning program the wrong way. He wrote,

“Today, I used cleanign wrong… so the files I was working on, all the audios have been deleted…. Just mental breakdown in itself… still, I should try to cheer up.. I was almost done with it… sure, the worst day outta this year. I am to record it as a ‘moment’ since I am sad.”

RM further elaborated after fans became seriously worried about him, he explained that its only one song and the other songs were safely kept by others, but this had over 60 tracks that he recorded, he added, ‘I don’t have the courage to re-do everything,’ he also told fans to be careful when using a cleaning program.

Fans have since taken to various social media platforms to offer a helping hand to RM suggesting possible solutions to the accidental mistake he’s made. They have been sharing various methods to restore data hoping RM would see it.

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