Kim Seon Ho’s Agency Deny Accusations Of Exposing His Abortion Scandal Due To Contract Expiration, Says There Is A Year Left

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Kim Seon Ho’s Agency has stepped up to deny what some fans have been claiming since the controversy surrounding Kim Seon Ho began to unravel.

A couple of days ago, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend accused him of forcing her to get an abortion and gaslighting her. He has since admitted to it and posted an apology.

At the time of when the incident began to unravel and before it was confirmed that he was the actor in question, some Korean news outlets reported that Kim Seon Ho’s contract with his agency expired in September and he has extended it by a month to manage “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” filming.

Some fans began to wonder whether the agency had something to do with the revelations as a way to force the actor to re-sign with them or as an act of revenge because he refused to renew with them. However, this turned out to be far-fetched from the truth.

On October 22, SALT Entertainment issued a statement to clarify that not only has Kim Seon Ho’s contract not ended, but he has a full year left before his contract ends.

For context, contract renewal discussions start about three months prior to the expiration.

The agency also added that they plan to stick with the actor until the end and have no plans to drop him despite his controversy. They called the rumors of his contract expiring in September, “groundless and completely untrue.”

SALT Entertainment added,

“We will be staying with [Kim Seon Ho] until the end.”

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