GOT7’s Mark Deletes All Of His Instagram Posts + Posts A Cryptic Message

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GOT7’s Mark is getting attention for his recent social media activities.

As of October 19, fans noticed that GOT7’s Mark Instagram account has been wiped clean, there are no more posts of the idol, they have all either been archived or deleted. The idol has also changed his profile photo to a solid black.

What gained even more attention and some concern was a message he posted on his Instagram stories, the message reads, “I am trying my best, can’t you tell?’

While fans were initially speculating a possible comeback, they’ve become slightly worried about Mark.

Some singers would delete all of their social media posts in preparation for new releases, thus, some fans believed Mark was probably preparing to drop new music soon. However, with the recent post, fans are a bit confused but remain optimistic.

GOT7’s Mark has moved back to L.A after GOT7 departed JYP Entertainment. He’s recently attended 2021 Paris Fashion Week.

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