GFRIEND Members Eunha, Sinb, and Umji have found a new home!

On October 6, a new agency called Big Planet Made [BPM] revealed they have signed with Eunha, Sinb, and Umji. They will be starting fresh as a 3-member group.

The happy news was welcomed by fans who have been waiting to see what their plans were. Each member has written a small letter to fans to thank them for their support and to ask them to look forward to their new beginning.

GFRIEND disbanded and departed Source Music earlier this year. Since then, Yerin signed with Sublime Artist Agency, Sowon joined IOK Company, and Yuju started her new career with KONNECT Entertainment.

Big Planet Made [BPM] has also recently revealed they signed Soyou to their agency.

In another statement, BPM shared they have been considering the names ‘비비지’ and ‘VIVIZ’ as names for their subunit. However, they haven’t settled on a name yet. ‘비비지’ stands for BIBIJI [which stands for the final two letters of each member’s name, EunBi, EunBi, UmJi]. Eunha and SinB’s real name is Eun Bi although their family names differ.

Following that, fans have found out that the agency has applied to trademark both names.


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