Weverse Issues An Apology To BTS Fans After Accidentally Sending Notifications Of BLACKPINK’s Weverse Debut

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Weverse has addressed fans concerns and confusion.

On August 2, BLACKPINK joined the artist and communication platform Weverse.

Weverse is used by many artists such as BTS, TXT, ENHYPEN, Seventeen, TREASURE, Sunmi, and more.

With the news of the group joining the platform, many of their fans were excited to greet them and see what type of content they’ll post to their community.

However, this ended up causing confusion to the wrong fandom. BTS fans received push notifications from BLACKPINK Weverse activities despite not signing up to it, many took to Twitter to talk about their confusion with the issue.

Weverse allows users to receive notifications only from the groups’ fan communities they choose to join. Due to a server error in the platform, this caused many non-fans receiving notifications.

Weverse has issued an apology to fans and stated that the issue has been fixed.

We apologize for Weverse community notifications error

Hello from Weverse, the official fan community.

We are deeply sorry for causing Weverse community notifications error.

On August 2, between 12:00PM and 12:48PM, an error occurred and some Weverse users who allowed the push notifications received notifications from a certain Weverse community that they did not join.

We sincerely apologize for causing inconveniences to our users due to a temporary system error.

Weverse immediately took on the task of correcting the system right after the error occurred, and the notifications system is back to normal now. We promise that we continuously correct the technical glitches and internally monitor the system.

Once again, we are deeply regretful for causing inconveniences to our Weverse users and we appreciate your understanding.

Thank you.

Official for All Fans, Weverse.

What do you think of this error?

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