This new girl group is getting attention from netizens for their disbandment, but why?

SOLIA is a new girl group that debuted recently, they have disbanded only five days after their official debut. While groups disbandments are quite common in the industry, it is not often that you see a group disband as soon as they debut.

SOLIA had released their debut album “DREAM” on August 17. Their agency Space Music Entertainment shared an official statement to announce the group has disbanded on their Instagram account… but why?

They stated,

“Due to our company’s circumstances, we’re unable to keep SOLIA going, thus, they will wrap their activities after having discussions with the company.”

The company apologized to fans and added that if anyone is curious about the members’ activities, they should follow their Instagram accounts.

SOLIA members had also left messages on Instagram to thank fans despite the very short promotional period.

SOLIA will go down in history as one of the fastest disbandments in the kpop industry.


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