Oh My Girl’s YooA Personally Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Oh My Girl’s YooA has set the record straight regarding her Plastic Surgery Rumors!

On June 4, YooA held a V Live broadcast to communicate with fans. During the live broadcast, the idol opened up about her worries regarding her looks and personally brought up the plastic surgery rumors she’s been embroiled in.

YooA opened up,

“As an idol you always get judged, there are lots of good comments but also quite a few that are hurtful. I’ve always had issues with the topic of plastic surgery and I am really sensitive of my face swelling. People keep asking if I got lip fillers, or eye-lid surgery, what did I do to my forehead and such. But it was only simply swollen. This isn’t our company’s policy [to have them get plastic surgery].

When my face is swollen, people keep saying I’m ugly, so I am sensitive about this.”

She also further expanded on how the plastic surgery rumors stated, she said,

“My eyes, hands and feet get swollen if I am not feeling well. When Oh My Girl was having a difficult time in the past, many people couldn’t recognize me so I went to a lot of events, if I sleep for 2 to 3 hours my face gets swollen so there were always rumors of plastic surgery, but its not a job where you can only hear good things, so its part of the risk that comes with it.”

YooA ended her statement saying she’ll work harder and take good care of her body.

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