PSY Talks About How He Managed To Get Song Joong Ki To Starr In Heize’s Upcoming Song MV

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Earlier today, P-NATION confirmed that Song Joong Ki is set to star singer Heize’s upcoming song MV.

Not long after the official announcement, P NATION’s CEO PSY took to Instagram to share a photo with Song Joong Ki and Heize. He expressed his gratitude to Song Joong Ki for agreeing to appear in the MV and said,

Heize is a respectable artist who has been single-handedly writing songs for her entire album long before joining us here at P NATION. In looking for ways to support her as she prepares for her first album as a P NATION artist, I wanted to help with her music video. Upon listening to her title track on repeat, I thought of one actor who would be perfect for the role. While I knew him personally, we didn’t know each other well enough for me to ask him this favor. Nevertheless, he graciously agreed, saying he’s been a fan of Heize’s music. Thank you Vincenzo!!

This will mark Heize’s first release after joining P-Nation in September of 2020.

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