Kim Jung Hyun Announces His Contract With His Agency Has Expired, Accuses Them Of Spreading False Information +To Sue For Defamation

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Kim Jung Hyun has revealed that his contract with O& Entertainment has come to an end!

On May 12, a representative of Kim Jung Hyun released an official statement to announce the expiration of his contract with O& Entertainment and to also help shed more light on his health condition while he filmed for the 2018 drama “Time.”

Kim Jung Hyun has been wrapped up in controversy for the past month, it started with his dating rumors, then extended to a potential signing with another agency which led to a contract dispute issue with his current agency regarding his contract duration. The contract duration issue is related to his sudden departure from the 2018 drama “Time” which also led him to take an 11-month hiatus, his agency argues his contract should reflect that hiatus period.

According to the rep statement, Kim Jung Hyun’s contract with O& Entertainment has expired as of midnight today (May 12, 2021). They stated that despite the many ‘unfair circumstances,’ the actor and his brother who is his legal representative remained silent to avoid causing a messy fight. They have attempted to resolve the matter smoothly but with the agency’s attempts to contact them for discussions, the circumstances raised their suspicions about their willingness to reach an agreement, thus, they’ve concluded they no longer had the intention to negotiate.

According to their statement, the rep would like to “restore Kim Jung Hyun’s fallen honor and rectify factual errors with YUL Law Firm.”

They stated,

“The reason why Kim Jung Hyun has been silent about what has happened so far is that he feels guilty about failing to fulfill his duty as an actor due to the departure of the drama “Time.”

In addition, it was a consideration for the agency that he felt apologetic towards as morally right, but as time went by, the agency began to make false arguments and caused false information to be spread widely, so we’d like to correct this.

Actor Kim Jung Hyun complained of health problems even before the casting of the drama “Time,” and in fact, he was in a very poor health condition, vomiting on the day of the press conference.

However, the agency ignored it and pushed ahead with the schedule and did not fulfill its duty to protect its actor. In addition, in the process of closing down the business due to turning out a deficit each year, the agency brought up the issue of Kim Jung Hyun’s contract expiration to the media and caused his reputation to be tarnished with this incomprehensible action.”

Closing their statement, they stated that they will take legal action against them for defamation and spread of false information.

Following their statement, news outlet YTN Star revealed that they had obtained Kim Jung Hyun’s hospital records from a source close to Kim Jung Hyun. The record shows that he was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, panic disorder, sleep disorder, and having depressive episodes.

Prior to starring in “Time,” he felt something was wrong with is health and despite talking to the agency about rejecting the drama, they pressed ahead with it and he ended up stepping down. According to YTN, the staff who worked with him at the time also stated that he was experiencing health issues and they were contemplating having him appear in the press conference.

In response to the report, a source from O& Entertainment said in a call with YTN Star, “We didn’t hear anything from Kim Jung Hyun at the time. If it was serious, we would not have had him star in ‘Time.’”

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