KBS’s “Imitation” Premieres To Shockingly Low Ratings Below The 1%, “Taxi Driver” Stays In The Lead

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KBS’s new drama “Imitation” has aired its first episode last night.

On May 7, KBS kicked off a brand new Friday-Saturday time slot with the premiere of the highly anticipated drama “Imitation,” it aired in the 11:20 p.m time slot, a time slot that KBS hasn’t aired any drama in previously.

“Imitation” is based on the hit webtoon of the same title and tells the story of the work and love lives of idols in the entertainment industry.

The drama features a stat-studded lineup including Jung Ji So; U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young; ATEEZ‘s Yunho, Seonghwa, San, and Jongho; T-ara’s Jiyeon; former I.O.I and PRISTIN member Lim Nayoung; SF9‘s Hwiyoung and Chani; g.o.d.’s Danny Ahn; Yuri; Minseo; Boys’ Republic’s Suwoong; Ahn Jung Hoon; Rainbow’s Jisook; and former Baby V.O.X member Shim Eun Jin.

According to Nielsen Korea, “Imitation” premiered to a quiet start, “Imitation” episode 1 scored average nationwide ratings of 1.0% and 0.9% for its two parts.

Many netizens are guessing that its because the drama premiered at a later time slot. On the other hand, the drama has been getting hot response from intentional fans.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Taxi Driver” reigns as the top drama of Friday night scoring average nationwide ratings of 12.0% and 14.7% for its two parts.

Lastly, JTBC’s “Undercover” scored an average nationwide rating of 2.9%.

Which one of these weekend dramas are you currently watching?

Source: Nielsen Korea

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