Former Brave Girls Member Hayun Finally Opens Up About What Led To Her Departure From The Group In Light Of Their Rise In Fame

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Former Brave Girls Member Hayun has spoken up about the reason behind her departure from the group.

As many are already aware, Brave Girls have been dominating music charts in South Korea since March, their song “Rollin” went viral and has earned them their first ever music show win and a perfect-all-kill on the charts, the song also managed to beat some well known acts in the Kpop sphere and has maintained a good position on the charts for a couple of months now.

But what some fans might not be aware of is that the original lineup for Brave Girls’s “Rollin” included Hayun. She had joined the group in 2016 [at the same time as the current members] and was part of the original lineup for the song when it got first released.

In 2018, the song was re-released but Hayun didn’t participate in the promotions due to health issues, she ultimately left the group that month.

Fans had been wondering why she left and Hayun has finally opened up about the reason behind it. In an Instagram post, she clarified,

“To be honest, its been a while now, I have had a hormone disorder called hyperthyroidism.

But during the promotions, my hyperthyroidism got worse, so I had to discuss it with the company. We concluded that it would be difficult for me to do more activities.
It’s such a shame, but I left the group.”

Hayun also clarified that she’s still dealing with hyperthyroidism and is focusing on treatment, she also assured fans she’s doing much better and also apologized for clarifying it to fans so late.

She closed her statement with,

“While watching Brave girls’ popularity surge, I felt a lot of happiness because I shared the experience of promoting “Rollin.” now that it is seeing the light, I am really happy.

Although I am unable to be with them due to my health, I will sincerely support their future promotions. I will also be working on individual promotions and work hard to showcase a variety of images, so I’d be thankful if you gave me support.”

You can check out the original MV with Hayun in the lineup below!

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