“I Didn’t Smell Brad Pitt, I Am Not A Dog,” Youn Yuh Jung Witty Answer To A Question At The Oscars Make Headlines


Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung has made history earlier today at the Oscars.

As usual, after each actor wins an award, they’re expected to answer reporters questions in a separate room. Youn Yuh Jung went to do just that and was met with a reporter who asked a question many netizens found to be dumb.

Youn Yuh Jung witty and funny answer ended up making headlines, the reporter asked her about how she felt about her win and getting the award from Brad Pitt, the reporter also thought it was a good idea to ask about how brad pitt smelled.

Youn Yuh Jung wittingly replied, “I didn’t smell him, I am not a dog,” if that isn’t savage, we dont know what is. Check out the clip below!

Congratulations on your oscar win Youn Yuh Jung!

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