Kdrama And Advertisements To Add A New Hefty ‘Bullying Controversy Penalty’ To Their Contracts In Light Of Recent Events

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The recent flood of bullying allegations against Korean actors and idols are costing production teams and companies a lot of money.

According to an exclusive report recently released by OSEN, Krama production teams and companies are modifying their contracts with the celebrities they work with, they’re set to add a new clause that would force the celebrity to pay double the penalty fee if they’re involved in school bullying or violence scandal that could negatively affect the production or product they’re advertising.

According to one kdrama insider, they’re still considering whether the actor involved in controversy should pay all of the fees from the PPL sponsor and the cost of the delays of re-filming, or whether they should pay double the penalty fee.

one advertising insider also stated that the advertising industry already has a ‘decency clause’ that forced the model to pay a penalty if they cause a social controversy such as drunk driving, or assault, however, school violence and bullying were recently added to the clause. Now, the penalty fee can be more than double if the advertisement model causes a social controversy.

This comes after the industry had to deal with various cancellations, delays and re-filming due to its actors/idols controversies. Actor Ji Soo was dropped from his drama “River Where The Moon Rise,” he had already filmed 95% of the drama and they’ve cast a different actor, recent reports state they’re struggling to re-film a lot of the scenes due to the cost.

CLIO removed Hyunjin from their advertisements, while his other members remained. Peripera removed (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin from her advertisements, and most recently, APRIL’s Naeun was dropped from her drama “Taxi Driver” and they will also be forced to re-shoot her scenes with the new actress they cast for her role. She was also removed from many brands she’s been advertising already.

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  1. The actors are being bullied by people who only have to make an unproven claim and the so-called fans cannibalize them. Why should they have to pay for it further. They’re ready losing their careers to satisfy the “victims.”

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