APRIL Naeun To Leave “Taxi Driver” + Drama To Find A New Actress For Her Role

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APRIL Naeun will be departing “Taxi Driver”!

The highly anticipated upcoming drama “Taxi Driver” is about a mysterious taxi service called Rainbow taxi that takes revenge on the behalf of victims who are unable to seek justice using the law.  

The drama stars Lee Je Hoon, Esom, and Kim Eui Sung. Naeun was cast for the role of Go Eun, a hacker at Rainbow Taxi, and plays the second female lead.

However, due to the bullying allegations against the idol and her group, the drama had initially decided to go ahead and film the promotional video for the drama with only the two main characters. Her fate in the drama wasn’t known until now.

On March 8, the production company released a statement to reveal that Naeun will be replaced, they have come to this decision after discussing with the actress’s agency. They apologized for their late reply as it took them a while to thoroughly assess the public sentiment regarding the issue and cast a new actress.

“Taxi Driver” has completed about 60% of filming but all the footage featuring APRIL Naeun will be replaced with new footage filmed by a new actress.

The production company hasn’t revealed who they plan on casting for the role.

Despite DSP Media denying the claims and threatening strict legal action, it didn’t stop the alleged victim brother from coming forward with more evidence.

APRIL Naeun has been dropped from various CF deals, the videos were either private or deleted from social media accounts.

It is also unknown whether this will affect “Taxi Driver” premiere date which is set for some time in early April.

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