CLIO Decides To Promote With Stray Kids Members Excluding Hyunjin Due To His Recent Controversy

CLIO has decided to continue their contract with Stray Kids!

The brand previously halted all promotional activities relating to Stray Kids due to its member Hyunjin bullying controversy. At the time, they stated that they’d be discussing on the course of action to take with the artists’ agency.

On March 8, CLIO released a new statement to their official twitter account to announce that they will resume working with models Stray Kids excluding Hyunjin,

“After discussing with the label, CLIO has decided to continue our model promotions with the currently promoting 7 members of Stray Kids.

The article that says we’re issuing a lawsuit against the label is something that wasn’t discussed in our company and is false. We apologize for the disorderly process that we took to announce our final decision.”

Along with the announcement, CLIO posted new promotional photos of the Stray Kids members.

Hyunjin is currently taking a hiatus.

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