Go Min Si Issues An Apology After Photos Of Her Underage Drinking Get Exposed Online

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Actress Go Min Si has issued a personal apology after photos of her drinking underage spread online.

The photo was spread recently on an online cafe on Daum, the screenshots show Go Min Si drinking alongside her friends at a bar. The photos are taking from Go Min Si’s Cyworld and the post dates back to May 29, 2011, this means she was 17 at the time (she was born in 1995). The legal drinking age in Korea is 20.

On March 20, Go Min Si posted an apology to her Instagram account, it reads,

“Hello, this is Go Min Si.

First of all, I apologize for posting bad news and causing disturbance with pictures of my underage drinking.

I am sure some of you who have been rooting for me had been hoping the girl in the photo wasn’t me, and I am sure some people just hoped I’d quickly confess the truth.

I will not deny it, the person in the photo is me.

I also think that things like this shouldn’t be ignored with excuses that I was young and immature and its all in the past. I am aware that people received unspeakable wounds from this.

I recognize that my past actions were wrong and I take full responsibility for what I did back then.

Sometimes, words can’t express everything, it will be difficult to fully relay my sincerity, but I sincerely apologize to those who suffered damage because of me.
I’ll try my best to walk a more mature and righteous path.”


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