Actress Choi Ye Bin has been accused of being a school bully.

The rising rookie actress gained recognition playing the notorious Ha Eunbyeol, the daughter of Cheon Seojin and Ha Yoonchul in the hit SBS drama “Penthouse.”

 In a recent post to an online community, a netizen [A] accused her of bullying them in her middle school years, A showed photos of her graduation album, student pass and transcripts to prove their identity.

A claims that after Choi Ye Bin approached her, A introduced them to her friends but Choi Ye Bin ended up making her an outcast and ruining her relationship with her best friend. She also accused her of whispering to her, ‘die, you bitch’ and constantly cursed her out. A then added that Choi Ye Bin apologized through a text message but she suspects that she was forced to do it.

Choi Ye Bin’s agency J Wide Company later issued an official statement denying the news, stating that they’ve checked with Choi Ye Bin and she has denied this, they’ve gone a step further and checked other people and acquaintances who were around at the time, and they’ve all confirmed the truth differs from what the poster claims.

They also promised strict legal action against those who continue spreading false malicious rumors.

Choi Ye Bin is currently starring in “Penthouse 2.”

Source: (A)



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