Hyun Bin doesn’t use social media!

Recently, VAST Entertainment issued an official statement to warn fans of fake social media accounts that are impersonating the actor. the agency uploaded a notice in both Korean and English on their Instagram Stories regarding the issue.

Their statement reads as follows:

We have been receiving reports about entities that falsely assume our name or our artists’ names.

We are not operating any accounts other than the official accounts listed below.

Also, Hyun Bin does not own any personal social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Under any circumstances, we do not make a monetary proposition or request to any individual.

We ask our fans to take special note of the above and protect yourselves against any damage from the entities that falsely assume our name.

We will also do our best to monitor the web continuously to prevent further damages.

We would like to ask you for continued interest and support for VAST Entertainment and its artists.

Thank you.

Hyun Bin is currently busy preparing for his upcoming movie “Confidential assignment 2.”


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