[BREAKING] MAMAMOO Solar And Moonbyul Renewed Their Contract With RBW While Wheein And Hwasa In Positive Discussions

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Another Kpop group whose contract expires in 2021 has revealed some of its member plans.

On January 22, RBW Entertainment released an official statement regarding contract renewals of MAMAMOO, since the four-member group contracts expire this year.

In their statement, they explained that since there are many inquiries about whether the members will renew their contracts, they’ve decided to clarify and assure fans despite the fact that there is some time left on the contracts.

Solar and Moonbyul have renewed their contracts based on mutual trust and expectations, while Wheein and Hwasa are in positive discussions with the agency. RBW added that the members feel deep affection and pride in the group and they’re expecting positive results,

“we are positively discussing with Wheein and Hwasa. All of the MAMAMOO members have great pride and affection for the group, so we expect positive results.”

MAMAMOO debuted in June of 2014 and their 7 year contract is set to expire some time in June of 2021.

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  1. I’m happy to see this. Even though this is a strong group of 4 and they clearly have strong solo prospects, I’m glad they realize (seemingly) that they can still persue those avenues without breaking up yet another girl group. It is indeed possible.

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