Upcoming Kdrama “YOUTH” Based On BTS’s Universe Suspends Filming To January 2021 To Discuss Changing The Characters Names


Upcoming Kdrama “YOUTH” has suspended its filming!

The highly anticipated drama which is based on the BTS universe was the talk of town for a while; it’s based on the boy group’s ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ album series which found commercial and critical success.

Through a new media report, it was confirmed that the drama has suspended filming in late of October. Co-producers Chorokbaem Media and Big Hit Entertainment explained in a statement that the filming was suspended to discuss the names of the characters in the story.

Previously, Korean fans of BTS heavily criticized Big Hit for using BTS members’ real names for the characters of the drama. They’ll have fictional storylines unrelated to the actual BTS members and the stories discuss many heavy subjects such as domestic violence, suspected murder, and more. Fans worried about the confusion this could cause, many k-fans accused Big Hit of milking BTS members for profit.

According to the new report, “YOUTH” was scheduled to resume in November but was suspended to December and since the filming was unable to resume this year, it was decided that the filming will resume in January of 2021.

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“YOUTH” is scheduled to air sometime in 2021.

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