Upcoming BTS Universe Drama “YOUTH” Confirms Main Cast Members + To Air In 2021

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We finally have our first look at the cast members of BTS upcoming universe drama “YOUTH.”

Previously, it was revealed that Bighit Entertainment and Chorokbaem Media would join hands to produce a drama focused on BTS members’ struggles and lives. At the time, not many details were shared with the public but it was stated that the BTS members won’t be playing the roles, instead, actors would take on the roles.

On October 19, it was confirmed that “YOUTH” will feature the following cast members:

Seo Ji Hoon will play the role of Jin, a character that gives off vibes of perfection but he struggles to express his emotions, he feels trapped by the life plans his father, who is in the National Assembly, set for him.

Seo Ji Hoon is known for his roles in dramas such as “To All the Guys Who Loved Me,” “Meow, the Secret Boy,” “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency,” “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter,” and “School 2017.”

Noh Jong Hyun will play the role of Suga (Min yoongi), a boy surrounded by wild rumors, he is cold on the outside but has a heart of gold. People claim he killed his mom and set his home on fire. After meeting Jungkook and becoming friends, he learns to accept his past and move on.

Noh Jong Hyun is known for his roles in “Kkondae Intern,” “Life on Mars,” “He is Psychometric,” “Because This Is My First Life,” and more.

Ahn Ji Ho will play the role of Ho J-hope, a dance prodigy who is always optimistic; he was abandoned at an amusement park as a kid and has grown up to be someone who radiates positive energy.

Seo Young Joo is taking on the role of RM, a character that wishes for a normal life above all else. Due to his difficult circumstances, he knows how hard life can be. This helped him be able to take on more responsibility and do well in school while juggling part-time jobs.  

Kim Yoon Woo will play the role of Park Jimin, a person who hides a secret behind his smile. He has an overprotective family and a problematic upbringing that was filled with lies; he struggles to form an identity as a result.

Jung Woo Jin will play the role of Kim Tae Hyun, a character whose story is filled with pain, he lives with his alcoholic father who changed after his wife left him, he hopes that one day he will get back his loving father. And lastly, Jung Jin Seo will play the role of Jungkook, a young boy who grew up in an unstable home, he questions the purpose of life and why he exists. The actor made a lasting impression in drama “The World of the Married.”

“YOUTH” is expected to air some time in 2021 but an exact premiere date hasn’t been set yet. It will be directed by Kim Jae hong and written by Kim Soo Jin.

The production team behind “YOUTH” stated in an official statement that they’ve cast fresh faces alongside young actors to maximize the characters’ charms, and asked fans to look forward to the drama that’ll air soon.

The drama will focus on the story of seven boys who meet for the first time in the BTS universe (BU). It’s based on BTS members when they were younger. It depicts the school days and growth narratives of the seven boys from a worldview.

The early working title of the drama was “Blue Sky.”  

are you excited about the upcoming drama?

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