Song Kang Discusses The Possibility Of “Sweet Home” Season 2 Being Made, Here Is What He Said

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Rising actor Song Kang recently sat down for an interview and talked about his recently aired Korean drama “Sweet Home.”

“Sweet Home” is an original Netflix series and is 10 episodes long, it tells the story of residents at an apartment complex who have to deal with an unknown phenomenon of humans turning into monsters.

Song Kang plays the role of Cha Hyun Su who becomes reclusive after the death of his parents and his little sister. He moves into an apartment complex on his own and does nothing but play video games; he’s losing his will to live day by day.

Due to the warm reception by viewers, many have been asking for a second season of “Sweet Home” since the finale left fans with a lot of questions. When asked about the possibility of a second season to “Sweet Home,” Song Kang said,

“I haven’t heard anything about a second season yet, but if the reaction is good, I heard we’d shoot it. My upcoming military enlistment is a duty and I naturally have to go. After doing my best focusing on my productions, I’ll carry out my duty.”

When asked about what he’d like to show if he could return with a second season for “Sweet Home,” Song Kang said,

“If there is a second season, I wonder if I could use my desire to protect people and change back to the normal Hyun Su. Similar to the movie ‘Venom’ where the character changes, protects, and then returns to his original form.”

Would you like to see a second season of “Sweet Home”?

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My personal thoughts- by Jass K.

A lot of people have been raving about Song Kang for a while now but I only hopped on the train after watching “Sweet Home.” He’s such an interesting actor and his portrayal of Hyun Su was AMAZING, by far one of the best performances by a Korean actor in any drama in 2020. He captured the complexity of Hyun Su and managed to appear innocent when needed and threatening when needed too.

It was so much fun watching him perform. I wouldn’t expect him to pick such a character to play but I am glad he did. Hyun Su is an atypical Korean lead male character, instead of leading the pack in such a situation, he’s being led, I loved how the series subverted my expectations.

For “Sweet Home” season 2 to happen we definitely need Song Kang, I wonder whether a second season would be possible ahead of his military enlistment.

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