Ji Chang Wook past girlfriends used to do the dumping? Fans are flabergasted after the hallyu actor opens about up about his past girlfriends and relationships.

On December 19, the most recent episode of “Knowing Brothers” aired, Ji Chang Wook appeared as a guest alongside Kim Min Seok and Ryu Kyung Soo, his co-stars from the upcoming KakaoTV drama “Lovestruck in the City.”

During the show, Ji Chang Wook was asked about his dating style and approach to dating, he said, “I am very honest. I am not that good at hiding my feelings or playing hard to get, and I am very honest.”

To follow up on that, Min Kyung Hoon asked him if this means he’s the first to confess, Ji Chang Wook surprised him with his answer, he said,

“I am not good at confessing my feelings because I am very shy, I am so shy and afraid of getting rejected if I confess first.”

Ji Chang Wook added that he’s been dumbed many times in the past because of his attitude to dating, he said,

“When I find myself in an imbalanced situation in a romantic relationship, I tend to become too clingy and attached, this in turn gives me more heartache.”

When asked if this means he becomes obsessive, he said it does,

“That’s right, I could become a bit obsessive, this makes it both hard on me and the other person, so there were many times it led to a breakup.”

You can watch the moment he talks about this below:

Are you surprised to learn this about Ji Chang Wook?


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