Some Korean ARMY Are Boycotting Big Hit’s Joint Concert Despite BTS Being Part Of The Lineup, Here Is Why

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It appears that some Korean BTS fans aren’t too thrilled about the joint Big Hit concert that’s being held on New Year’s Eve.

Previously, Big hit surprised fans by announcing their plans to host a joint concert with artists under Big Hit Labels. TXT, Lee Hyun, GFriend, BTS, ENHYPEN and NU’EST are taking part in the concert.

According to Big Hit, the concert will be held online and offline. Thus far, only ticket prices for the offline event have been unveiled and they’re infuriating some fans. The ticket prices alongside the conditions are coming under fire.  

Its worthy to note that the offline concert will be held with social distancing in mind and will be cancelled in case there is a surge in COVID-19 cases with refund available to the ones who purchased it.

The controversy surrounding the ticket price grew so large that some Korean BTS fans began protesting and shared their plans to boycott the concert altogether despite BTS being part of the lineup. [Note: This doesn’t represent the opinions of all BTS fans, Korean or international]

In a poster explaining the boycott, the fans state that the long-awaited offline concert isn’t a solo concert but a joint concert. The fans claim that the artists under Big Hit labels ‘aren’t part of the same company, or have been working together for a long time,’ thus, many fans believe this concert to be done for ‘media attention.’

Added to that, the second reason for the boycott goes into details about the pricing of the tickets and controversy surrounding it. Tickets are on sale for 154,000 won (~$138.15) for the base ‘Live Package.’ The ‘CONNECT Package,’ includes the tickets for soundcheck and red carpet entrance for 242,000 won ($217.10), and the ‘WE’VE package’ includes the concert ticket, soundcheck, and red carpet entrance, and a ‘FUN Kit’ for 275,000 won (~$246.70). The last kit perks haven’t been revealed yet.

Fans who are boycotting believe that the tickets price is ‘too high,’ and they have not seen any tickets; even Kpop family concerts; come anywhere close to this price. Added to that, the fans have no idea for just how long BTS shall perform at the event considering that there are five to six other acts also performing. To top the tickets price issue, the tickets are only available for the official fan club members and the fans won’t even be able to pick their own seats as they will be decided through a lottery system.

The fans closed their statement claiming that the concert is being used for the media attention and that Big hit is using BTS and the fans for that intent.

Big Hit has not publicly addressed the controversy surrounding the ticketing issue. Do you agree with the Korean fans protesting the concert?

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  1. Seriously, kfans are just weird to me. If you can’t afford to go, you just don’t go. What is with the whole boycotting nonsense. And honestly this is very mean and disrespectful to the other artistes there. Just becaus you don’t stan them, can’t they just appreciate and encourage them too as they did to bts when they weren’t as popular. Just a little encouragement goes a long way, they don’t even have to be their fans. They would have gotten mad if fans of other groups did it to bts, so why are they doing it to bts. Don’t get me wrong, i am a old school bts fan, have been one since 2013 but the behavior of this so called fans have really disappointed me. Luckily I know my boys bts well enough to know how much they appreciate their juniors and I m sure they don’t mind even if they are used to attract more audience, and I know that they wouldn’t condone this type of behavior. And I trust hitman bang to stand his ground and defend this other groups or completely ignore these so called fans who say this. Don’t tear others down just for your bias. Each and every artiste is working hard too to make their dreams come true and to reach more audience, no one has the right to belittle that effort, no matter who they re.

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