Fans Baffled After Court Denies 2PM’s Nichkhun Injunction Against A Woman Who Stalked Him

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2PM’s Nichkhun injunction that he filed against a woman who stalked him has been rejected by the court.

According to a report by News1, on November 24, the Seoul Central District Court rejected Nichkhun’s request for an injunction to issue a restraining order against the woman who had stalked him.

The court reasoning behind rejecting the request boils down to what they’ve concluded, that ‘during interrogation, the woman stated she no longer intends on stalking Nichkhun,’ and based on the fact that no evidence of her doing that for the past three months were discovered, the court concluded that she wasn’t a risk of repeating the same behavior in the future, thus the injunction was rejected.

However, the court added that if the woman contacts or approaches him again against his wishes, he can seek ‘a separate provisional disposition.’

Back in July, Nichkhun filed a civil case against a woman requesting to ban her from contacting him through phone and text messages. He also requested that the court issues a 2 million won fine if the woman approaches or contacts him.

At the time of the case, JYP Entertainment said in a telephone interview with News1 that they plan on filing a complaint against the stalker and will take strong action without mercy. The agency added that Nichkhun suffered mentally due to the stalking and said ‘the degree of stalking is severe.’

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