Former Wanna One Member Lai Kuan Lin Apologizes For Smoking And Spitting On Street After Video Goes Viral

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Former Wanna One Member Lai Kuan Lin has issued an apology after a video of him going viral on Weibo garnered a lot of attention.

On November 24, Lai Kuan Lin took to China’s biggest social media platform Weibo to issue a public apology to netizens for smoking on the street. A video of the idol-actor smoking and spitting on the street had gone viral earlier and Weibo trending topics had many keywords about Lai Kuan Lin’s smoking ‘controversy.’

He stated,

“I would like to apologize that I, as a public figure, was not careful with my actions and committed wrongdoings. I will accept everyone’s criticism and won’t do it again.”

Fans reaction to his apology are mixed, some are upset by his behavior while others believe that he shouldn’t apologize for smoking since it shouldn’t be labeled a ‘controversy’ to begin with.

What did you think of Lai Kuan Lin’s response?

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