Oh My Girl Arin Accidentally Reveals Hyojung’s Number During Live Broadcast, This Is How She Reacted

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Oh My Girl Arin has accidentally revealed her fellow group member Hyojung phone number during a recent V Live broadcast.

The accident happened on September 4. Oh My Girl Arin, Mimi, Binnie, and Seunghee gathered for a live broadcast to communicate with fans. During one portion of the broadcast, Arin had something to share with her fans on her phone; she accidentally flashed the number of Hyojung to approximately 1 million fans watching the video.

When she figured out what happened, she froze for a second before the members burst into laughter. Later, they called Hyojung to tell her about this and she coolly responded with, ‘its okay.’

Check out the exact moment it happened below (edited by a fan so the number doesn’t show)


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