Lovelyz’s Mijoo Apologizes For Her Controversial Comments Towards A Male Guest At Her Variety Show


Lovelyz’s Mijoo found herself in controversy over her past comments on her web variety show.

Around late June, Mijoo talked to a male guest who was the same age as her on her web variety show “Mijoo Pickchu” which airs on the YouTube channel The K-POP.

The comments that attracted attention were when she asked the male guest, ‘do you have a girlfriend?’ ‘how far have you gone with her?’ and when he replied that they had been dating for 200 days, she commented, ‘then you must’ve gone all the way with her.’ As the male guest tried to deny it, she asked, ‘are you a man?’ and looked at the direction of his legs.

Since the controversy grew, Mijoo issued an apology on Twitter, she explained to fans that she ‘has delivered an apology to the person in question through the production team,’ and clarified that at the time, they had received consent from the guest,

“I’d like to once again apologize for making careless remarks without thinking it would cause many fans and viewers to feel uncomfortable.” She then apologized to the non-celebrity guest and promised fans to become a more cautious Mijoo with her actions and words.

What do you think of this controversy?


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