Are Fans Against Sungchan And Shotaro Addition To NCT? A Heated Debate In The Fandom Started

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SM recently announced that two new members will join NCT, Sungchan, and Shotaro ahead of the epic NCT 2020 project that will include every NCT member (a total of 23 members). The new members’ faces were revealed in the first official teaser film for NCT 2020 comeback.

However, soon some fans began to question why Sungchan and Shotaro needed to be added to the group. Some fans are opposed to the idea of adding members to the lineup constantly despite the fact that it is a known fact among the fandom itself since NCT’s inception. SM has decided to adopt the rotational style used in Japan for NCT, a system that’s rarely used in Kpop.

This created a heated discussion in the fandom between the ones who support the addition of Sungchan and Shotaro and those who oppose it. The side who opposes the addition of the two members argues that it would disrupt the group’s harmony, they also believe that the new members might overshadow the existing underrated members in NCT.

Those who welcome the idea are asking the fans who oppose it to not judge so soon and to give the boys a chance to show their talents, they argue that it’s always been like this since the beginning and the fans who are against this only want things to go their way.

Despite the heated debate, the new members Sungchan and Shotaro don’t deserve to be bombarded with hateful malicious comments asking them to leave the group before they’ve even officially debuted.

The new NCT member Shotaro is Japanese and was born in 2000, his specialty is dance, while Sungchan is Korean and was born in 2001, he is a rapper.

What do you think of this?

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