Song Joong Ki Chooses His Projects Based On How Much He Gets Paid? Check Out His Hilarious Answer

Actor Song Joong Ki made fans laugh with the way he answered a question while promoting his upcoming movie “Space Sweepers.”

On August 28, the cast of “Space Sweepers” appeared on KBS “Entertainment Relay” to promote their upcoming movie and during the show.

Song Joong Ki started off by talking about his character, he plays the role of pilot Tae Oh, he described him saying,

“He is the most pathetic of the four of them; he moves by instinct and would do anything to make money. He wears socks with holes and doesn’t have money. He has no shoes and wears plastic bags.”

During the interview, the MC asked them what makes them choose a project, whether it’s the director, screenplay, pay or fans expectations, Song Joong Ki made his co-stars laugh when he said, ‘I choose number 3 [referring to the pay].’

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Ri personally chose the director.

“Space Sweepers” was originally scheduled to premiere on September 23 but has been delayed due to the surge in Coronavirus cases in South Korea.

Check out the hilarious interview above.

Did Song Joong Ki’s answer surprise you?

2 thoughts on “Song Joong Ki Chooses His Projects Based On How Much He Gets Paid? Check Out His Hilarious Answer”

  1. I think most article didnt write what was shown at that talkshow. If you watch the full show Actually it was only a joke and it was funny part. When MC asked SJK choose between director, screenplay, pay and expectation of fans. YHJ and other two SJK choose the pay (to make interview more fun) and promised to him, they would choose the same. So, SJK asked MC to repeat the question and then He was confident to give answer no.3 (pay … But then all of them betrayed him, They choose director and scenario not number.3 (pay) hahahaha


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