Ji Chang Wook Stops Traffic And Gathers Crowds After Working At A Convenient Store For One Day


Ji Chang Wook’s popularity is no joke!

On August 3, a GS25 convenience store in Sinchon announced via social media that beloved actor Ji Chang Wook would be making an appearance at the store working there for just one day at the counter.

In a matter of few minutes, dozens of fans flocked to the store to see a glimpse of Ji Chang Wook causing a huge scene, crowds gathered at the store and social distancing was nowhere in sight, people reported that traffic had also stopped, no cars could enter the premise.

Ji Chang Wook was supposed to work there until 6 PM but due to the huge crowd, he ended his shift early at 2:30 PM.

After seeing photos and videos of the situation, netizens had split thoughts on the matter especially considering the current situation with COVID19 pandemic. Some criticized him for showing up at a place that could cause a huge crowd where social distancing couldn’t be practiced while others blamed the store for announcing it on social media. Others also blamed the fans for being disorderly at the store.

You can check out videos from the store below:


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